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Bundle Pulling

Providing Service in Alberta, Saskatchewan & British Columbia

Bundle Puller Specs

Our units are designed with high pressure pumps, manual controls for all unit functions, and with the capacities of handling tube bundles up to 24.4’ in length, and up to 86” in tube sheet diameter, at a maximum of 75,000 lbs. in weight.

Cooler Bundles & Exchanger Bundles:

  • Cooler Bundle Removal
  • Exchanger Bundle Removal
  • Fin Straightening
  • External Cleaning of Fin Tubes
  • Hydro Testing
  • Re-Tubing
  • Header Plug Removal
  • Tube Plugging
  • Re-Rolling Tubes
  • Re-Face Gasket Faces

We stock large quantities of cooler parts:

  • Header Plugs
  • Header Gaskets
  • Tube Plugs
  • Taps